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Technical Articles

Interview: Comparing the Antioxidant Functions of Vitamin E and Polyphenols

19 November 2013 - With economic downturn in some geographies and high grains and oilseeds prices, the feed industry remains challenged and continues to seek solutions to reduce costs. However, lowering costs by reducing or deleting some additives from the diet or looking for cheaper solutions, could be compromising on quality and performance.

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Nutritional Management of High Milk Yield Dairy Cows

 An effective feeding system allows maximum intake of a nutritionally balanced ration. As the level of production of dairy cows continues to improve the coverage of the nutritional needs of cows is a growing challenge for modern dairy producers. Aside from milk production, it is also important to provide the nutrients needed for reproductive purposes - conception and pregnancy. Proper nutrition is also essential to ensure that the cows can defend against infections such as mastitis and metabolic problems such as milk fever and ketosis.

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