We stock a large range of disinfectants, produced by Ecolab, for the purposes of disinfecting farms, farm equipment and farm vehicles.

Section Brand Decription Packaging


Milking machines

  AC20 Alkaline cleaning agent & disinfectant 24KG
  AD20 Acidic cleaning agent 24KG


Closed Circuits

  Oxonia Disinfectant (Fridges, pipes, milking machines) 21KG
  Inciprop FS   250KG


Cleaning of udders before milking

  Oxyfoam Cleaning before milking  


Cleaning of udders after milking

  Veloucid Disinfectant with iodine (winter period) 10LT
  Ioshield Disinfectant with iodine (summer period) 10LT



  Incimax Des Disinfectant for farms 20KG
  Topax 65 Cleaning agent / disinfectant for farms 5KG
  Inciprop Farm Cleaning agent for surfaces at farms with scent 26KG
  Inciprop V Cleaning of vehicles / tractors 11KG


Personal Hygiene

  Epicare 4 Anticeptic cream soap in liquid form 5KG
  Manodes Hand disinfectant with alcohol  1LT