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VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd (VTN Group) Announces Partnership with Petline A.E.

Updated: Jul 11

VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd (VTN Group), through its subsidiary company Vitapets Ltd, is delighted to announce a pioneering partnership with Petline A.E., a frontrunner in the Greek pet product arena. This collaboration is set to redefine pet care in Cyprus, bringing a plethora of innovative and beloved pet products to pet owners across Cyprus.

Under this landmark agreement, Vitapets Ltd is appointed the exclusive importer and marketer in Cyprus for Petline A.E.’s innovative pet products range. This collection, which has captured the hearts of pet parents in Greece, will now be accessible across a wide network of pet shops, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, and selected garden supply stores throughout Cyprus.

Petline A.E. and VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd (VTN Group) share a common vision of enriching the Cypriot pet market with industry-renowned brands, such as EVER CLEAN, CORE, PROFINE, NATURAL CODE, VITAKRAFT, OXBOW, TROPICLEAN, WHIMZEES, ROGZ and many more brands. This partnership aims to ensure the Cypriot market remains at the forefront of pet care innovation, receiving products that are not only high quality but also represent the best value. Furthermore, this collaboration is grounded in the shared principles of speed, reliability, and affordability, in an effort to ensure that the pet-loving community in Cyprus has uninterrupted access to the best products in the market.

The agreement’s signing was marked by a ceremony, with Mr. Dimitris Dimitrelias, General Manager of Petline A.E., and Mr. Alexandros Chr. Angastiniotis, General Manager of Vitapets Ltd, solidifying this promising partnership.

Vitapets Petline brand logos

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