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DSM-Firmenich "World Mycotoxin Survey 2023"

World Mycotoxin Survey 2023 DSM-Firmenich

The latest edition of the DSM-Firmenich global mycotoxin survey (World Mycotoxin Survey) for January-December 2023 is now available, covering 95 countries and 113,558 analyses. In 61% of samples, multiple mycotoxins were detected, with particularly high risks observed in Europe and Eastern Europe, including ZEARALENONE, DEOXYNIVALENOL, FUMONISIN, and T-2. A comparison with the 2022 survey shows a significant increase in contamination across all major mycotoxins.

View/Download the full survey HERE:

DSM Mycotoxin Survey 2023
Download PDF • 3.98MB

Mycotoxins in Cyprus farms: Solutions for addressing the issue

VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd continues to monitor the issue of mycotoxins present in farms across Cyprus, and actively provides support and solutions in order to protect our partners' production as well as profitability of their businesses. Mycotoxins in Cyprus: Our own findings

In line with DSM-Firmenich's continuous study of Mycotoxins, VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd has followed suit and conducted a study on a local level to assess the issue of mycotoxins in Cyprus. The following study, in which we have collected sample results from Cypriot production units (from January to December 2023), confirms the same level of risk as results from Europe and Eastern Europe, mainly in ZEARALENONE, DEOXYNIVALENOL, FUMONISIN, and T-2. Access the results from our own study of Cypriot production units HERE:

Mycotoxin results - Jan - Dec 2023 copy-compressed
Download PDF • 1.27MB

Agrastrip Pro Watex device

Mycotoxins: Detection at the source VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd, recognizing the ongoing challenges posed by mycotoxin risks, reinforces its efforts to identify and analyse the main mycotoxins present in the raw materials of animal feed imported to our island, utilizing the AgraStrip™ Pro WATEX analyser from Romer Labs in our company's highly accredited laboratory.

Our commitment to Cyprus farming businesses

VitaTrace Nutrition Ltd remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting partners in the Cyprus farming industry against the mycotoxin challenges they face. Through purposeful solutions tailored to protect both production integrity and business profitability, we stand by our partners every step of the way. By harnessing our expertise and innovative technologies, we empower agricultural enterprises to thrive in the face of mycotoxin risks.

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